Activity of mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan increased sharply

The Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources of Azerbaijan reports of current grave activity of mud volcanoes Dashgil and Ayrantoken located in Alat township of Garadagh district of Baku.

Gobustan-based mud volcano Shihzyayirli mud volcano that erupted yesterday continues erupting and the height of its fire has increased from yesterday?s level of 30 cm up to 2 m that caused natural anxiety of the population of nearby village Shihzyayirli located at distance of 600-700 m from the volcano.

At present, noisy release of gas is observed in different parts of the volcano. As a result of volcano explosion, the height of the fire reached up to 60-70 m, the heat from it was felt at a distance of 3 km, and cracks with width of 40-50 cm appeared on the ground.

Shihzyayirli volcano erupts every 6-7 years, and the last time erupted in 2005, but this year eruption was much more intense.

According to experts, eruption of volcanoes is not a signal about a possible earthquake.

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