Lusi mud eruption a natural disaster

A new study released on July 21st by leading European scientists from Bonn University and ETH-Zurich concludes that the Lusi mud eruption is a natural disaster and a geological rarity of a newborn, tectonic-scale hydrothermal system triggered by the Yogyakarta earthquake. This extensive, peer reviewed study has been published in the one of the world's most preeminent scientific journals - Nature Geoscience.

With their publication, scientists from Bonn and Z├╝rich point out, that earthquakes can trigger processes over long distances, and this focusing effect may apply to other hydrothermal and volcanic systems. Stephen Miller concludes: "Being a geological rarity, the mud volcano may contribute to a better understanding of triggering processes and relationships between seismic and volcanic activity". Miller also adds; "maybe this work will settle the long-standing controversy and focus instead on helping those affected".

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Bonn University Press Release / Swiss Federal Institute of Geology, ETH-Zurich News Article